Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a golden yellow oil with green tones, with a light fruity smell, a fruity taste with a light spicy and intense sensation of sweetness, but not too much.

The variety of the olives, the cultivation technique, the harvest of the olives at the right level of ripeness and their careful processing, combine to create an incomparable product, with a recognizable taste, which brings with it all the nuances of this corner of the land. Extra virgin olive oil has many beneficial properties. It is obtained by pressing the olives thanks to the mechanical pressing. No industrial process must be carried out to obtain an excellent product.

Our company has also opted for exclusively organic agriculture, that is a cultivation method that allows only the use of natural substances, that is present in nature and excludes the use of chemical synthesis substances. The extra virgin organic olive oil produced in Campo dei Lupi has, therefore, excellent values and qualities, much appreciated and praised by all those who have tried it! The woods surrounding the olive grove are rich in springs of spring water, sources that serve the whole property, water famous for its excellent characteristics.